Cloud Business Applications: Reshaping and Increasing Productivity for Small Businesses

With the growth of any small business comes the need to invest in technology to help manage, sustain, and further increase it. Investing in expensive management systems and software may be out of the question due to the budget and current needs of you business. Instead, it is an idea to consider a cloud-based platform and business applications as they can dramatically reshape and increase productivity as your business grows and scales.

What Is A Cloud Business Application

Cloud Business ApplicationsCloud-based applications are suites of computer applications that are not reliant on a single machine to operate. Instead, and as the name suggests, they are powered virtually, in the cloud, that can be accessed simultaneously by teams and minimize management effort, allow greater collaboration, and steer away from costly in-house hardware and software setups.

The benefits of cloud-based technologies are many, especially for the small business. The cloud is flexible and scalable and can enhance your small business’s ability to productively manage, share, and control its data. Cloud business applications not only make things easier through the scaling and growth processes, but they help to save time and money too.

Cloud business applications can reshape and increase productivity for your small business.

Accessible Across Multiple Devices

Any Device
A huge advantage of the cloud is that programs and files no longer need to be stored on a local computer; this is applicable for the entire Maestrano cloud platform. Also, cloud-based applications are almost always platform-independent, meaning that you can see them 24/7 on any modern device with a browser, anytime, whether it is a laptop, smartphone or tablet. These applications also allow professionals and teams to work simultaneously, allowing for greater productivity because the information and programs needed are no longer only on a single person’s computer.

Cloud-based Applications Increase Team Collaboration

Cloud technologies provide a flexible and scalable platform that makes it much easier for your business to manage, share and control its data. Because this kind of technology provides shared data and resources to computers and other devices when needed, small businesses can collaborate in a more efficient manner. All members involved in a project can access applications and the data required to complete a task, and all at the same time.

Cloud-based Applications Reduce Cost

Although most new small businesses do not have the budget or need for expensive enterprise software, they do need some sort of technology to continue growth. Cloud business applications are the answer and are a more affordable solution. You reduce your costs to have more money to invest elsewhere when using them. In an industry that has traditionally been full of costly desktop programs and software, there is now an extensive selection of powerful cloud-based business applications to choose from, at a fraction of the cost.

Not only are cloud applications more affordable than some expensive ERP or management systems in the first place, but they also save you a lot of headache and expenses in the future by negating many computing disasters. Cloud-based applications have helped reduce tax mistakes, prevent audits, increase sales, and streamline business processes. You can be sure your information is safe, and your money well-spent.

How Can Maestrano Help?

How Can Maestrano HelpMaestrano has made it easy for small business owners to increase business productivity, streamline processes, and ensure the integrity of data. Through real-time synchronization of important business data, from one app to another, your business can save money, save time, and increase productivity.

The automatic, data synchronization featured on the Maestrano platform assists in keeping your business data up-to-date, across all relevant applications.

With more than 65 applications currently available within the Maestrano ecosystem, you can get started using your existing, and new, applications in your day to day business operations.

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