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Xero And vTiger – A Winning Combination For Businesses Like SCDL

How do you decide what business applications are best for your business?

A good way to start is to always see what your peers/competitors are using. But that doesn’t necessarily mean those solutions are the best. So you need to really know your business, where it’s heading and how you want to get there. From here, you can evaluate different applications and see which one is going to give you the tools you need to achieve your strategic goals and vision.

One business that has nailed this is Sunshine Coast Destination Limited.




Sunshine Coast Destination Limited is a not-for-profit, membership based, destination marketing body that aims to develop and manage tourism for the benefit of visitors and the local community. It is the official tourism organization for the Sunshine Coast.

As a membership based organization Sunshine Coast Destination Limited needed a solution that would help them gain a better understanding of their current membership, run detailed reports and ultimately add greater value to their members.

They were already using Xero, a beautifully designed accounting software tailored for Small and Medium Businesses. They loved Xero as it was simple, intuitive and at the end of the day it worked. They could conduct all their financial activities in Xero. The only problem was that it didn’t connect with their existing membership system.

The other problem was that their existing membership system didn’t work that well either.

This is how they found Maestrano. Sunshine Coast Destination Limited, wanted to find a solution that integrated with their existing Xero system. On Maestrano, through our patented technology Connec!™ we are able to seamlessly connect any application together. This means any Connec!™ ready application on Maestrano will share data with Xero.connec-data-shared-Xero-app-icons

After consulting with our team, various demo’s and a free trial, Sunshine Coast Destination Limited decided that the best application to help their business was vTiger. A powerful and highly customisable CRM tool. Already offering many features out of the box including full salesforce automation, reporting, permissions and thanks to Maestrano’s Connec!™ seamless and free integration with Xero.

Once vTiger and Xero were being run on Maestrano, instantly all the data from Xero was synchronized with vTiger! This simple one click process just saved hours if not a week of data entry!

Now whenever a new lead is converted into a member, they will also appear in Xero. Whenever an invoice is sent through Xero, that record will also be available in vTiger instantly! If a member changes their address and it’s updated in vTiger instantly it will update in Xero. This means that across the entire organization, Sunshine Coast Destination Limited, will always have the most up to date data available at their disposal.

Now there is less time, effort and money being spent on administrative tasks such as data management and more time to spent on value added activities!

So if you’re a membership based organization, be sure that using vTiger and Xero on Maestrano is a winning combination for your business!

If you want to know more about Sunshine Coast Destination Limited or are planning your next holiday, be sure to visit their website here and check out the video below!

Alexandre Barret