Why I Joined Maestrano


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When you decide to join a startup, three things only really matter: the vision, the technology and the team. A clear and exciting vision rallies people, both internally and externally, and moves mountains by getting people to work towards making it happen. A unique technology supporting that vision is at the heart of everything in a Tech startup. Last, but not least, a leadership team capable to execute on that vision is what differentiates the good from the great. Here is why I joined Maestrano.


The Vision

Maestrano’s vision is to enable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to run their business more efficiently, by leveraging technology the way only large enterprises, spending millions, were able to do until now. More specifically, this means ensuring that the SME’s data (client data, inventory data, website data, HR data, etc.) is synchronised across all systems, in real-time, and a business owner can get single view reporting and business intelligence across all the best popular business applications it wishes to use.

No need for IT. No headaches. It just works. Out of the box. It’s called Connec!™ and it’s the heart of Maestrano.

Think about this: if you create a new product in your inventory software, automatically that product will appear in your CMS thus show up on your website, and appear in your CRM (so Sales always know in real time what is in stock, without having to leave their software) while also being used in your accounting software. No data entry required in multiple systems, no errors, leading to a better employee and customer experience. And the business owner can monitor her business on one simple dashboard, aggregating data from all these applications.

SMEs represent 99.3% of private companies in the UK. Maestrano’s vision is about empowering SMEs. It is about bringing technology to the masses (Maestrano’s Connec! platform is free to use), that only .7% of companies could afford. It is about upgrading SMEs to the next level of software use.

Running a business is tough. My parents each ran their own small business and I have spent most of my professional career in small businesses. I have witnessed first hand the headaches, errors and time inefficiencies of how small businesses are run, lacking the software environment large enterprises benefit from. Making it easier to run a small business means benefiting the lives of business owners everywhere. It is a noble goal.

Beyond that, it is building the future, as there is no doubt in my mind that in the future, all companies will run using Maestrano, or a Maestrano-like solution, rather than manage their own disparate systems.


The Technology

With Maestrano’s CTO Arnaud Lachaume having built his technical experience in the military industry, the technology at the heart of Maestrano is both tackling complex challenges and keeping security (paramount for business owners when it comes to enterprise data) the highest priority. As a patented technology, the data sharing and synchronisation technology is unique, making disparate systems work all together, in unison, out of the box. It is reflected in the name “Maestrano” – like a little maestro leading an orchestra to create a beautiful symphony where all instruments play as one.

But further than the integration/data sharing aspect, Maestrano incorporates various other components to create this unique offering for SMEs: a business software marketplace (app store), single-sign on technology, in-app step-by-step tutorials, and a reporting/business intelligence engine.

As a solution, I see Maestrano’s approach as being the evolution of business software. I see it as “SaaS 2.0 for SMEs” – this will be the subject of a future dedicated blog post.

With machine learning and other new technologies on the roadmap, it will continue to be an exciting technological journey, bringing new breakthroughs to SMEs, helping them thrive.

The Team

Background, longevity and complementarity are the keywords defining the 3 pillars of the leadership team. Stėphane, CEO, brings vision, strategy, leadership and an acute business acumen to the table.

Arnaud, CTO, brings an extraordinary technical and architecture expertise, with this rare ability amongst gifted technical people, to be able to simplify everything when communicating about complex solutions. And Ian Buddery, as extremely passionate, energetic and hands-on Chairman, brings the experience of having built a business with 700 employees, floated on two public markets, and sold to a Fortune 500.

It is not just the complementarity of these profiles that makes it a good match. It is also the fact Stéphane and Arnaud have known each other and worked together for the last 10 years, and the synergy that is at play with Ian.


Helping SMEs by helping large enterprises.

Last but not least, beyond Vision, Technology and Team, what got me excited was Maestrano’s go-to-market strategy.

In order to provide the well needed reach to all the SMEs who could benefit from Maestrano’s technology, we provide it to large enterprises (banks, accounting firms, telecommunication companies, etc.) who offer it to their SME client base to enhance and improve their own services to this valuable part of their clientele. Providing more value to their clients, with new or improved services, increasing stickiness in the process.

We help SMEs by helping large enterprises. It is a win for everyone. That is what makes it even more exciting.

A start-up is about tackling challenges. And there are many challenges ahead of us as we build on this vision. But the building blocks are there – Vision, Technology and Team – and the results so far, along with customer feedback, speak for themselves.

Very excited to have joined indeed.

Alexandre Barret