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Weekly News From A Startup Down Under

Attitude is key! This is how our week began at the office. We all waited a few seconds after a mystery poster was put onto the wall before heading (rushing for some of us) to it. Pretending you are not curious about it for a while, when really you’re craving to talk about it!

 Attitud is key

And just after, going straight into the Monday morning team meeting, you have to feel very inspired. And we have been inspired this week!


Some great news from the technical team as the Single Sign-On feature is now available for all new accounts and is being deployed to existing ones. How does it change your life? Well now you only need to login once onto the Maestrano platform to launch your applications, whereas before you had to login individually on each different application. One password to remember instead of several. You have no excuse now not to remember it (in case you do not, contact us we should be able to help).


Relief came on Tuesday! The water-fountain delivery man finally came in and after almost a week of having to refill our bottle at the end of the corridor, we have finally been able to rehydrate ourselves. Our plants did not survive this drought; or maybe we were just looking for an excuse to explain their current shape.

Maestrano Plants
Maestrano Plants


We also brainstormed this week to find more ideas to make business more simple. Some great ideas on which we’re working hard on to make them available for you as soon as possible. But if you have some ideas you’d like to share with us, don’t hesitate to contact us and leave a message!


But when the media starts writing articles about cats trapping families in a bedroom, you realise it’s time to go on week end! Happy Friday everybody.

Alexandre Barret