Wading Through CRM Applications For Your Small Business

Customer Relationship Management Software, or CRM, assists your sales team with the tracking of sales, customers, and orders. It helps manage communication between your business and its customers, and communication about customers to those within your business. It is invaluable for any business that lives and thrives off of sales.

There are dozens of CRM software providers, each and every one of which often claim to be the best at a particular part of the sales or customer communication process. The truth is, they all have excellent features and specific specializations if you look at them from the right angle. The question, however, isn’t “Is this CRM the best at X” but rather, “Is this CRM the best for my business?”

Today we want to focus on just four of the many CRM applications available, to aid you in the decision of choosing the right one for your business. The four options, Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, Base CRM, and Salesbox are all great applications featuring a robust set of features and unique workflows.

The Benefit of a Name Brand

Winner: Salesforce
SalesForceThe closest thing there is to a big brand in the CRM industry is Salesforce. They have the most prominent brand recognition of all four CRM providers. The obvious benefit of choosing such a brand is that they have a reputation to uphold, a responsibility to both existing and new customers, and, in most cases, a proven track record.

Most sales professionals would have at least heard of Salesforce before or, more likely, previously used it. Knowing this, the time you can save when onboarding your entire sales team will be enough to help the application pay for itself far quicker than most other CRMs.

Salesforce offers the capability of being completely customized through a range of add-ons, allowing you to mould it to your specific business needs. Need an additional feature? There’s most likely an add-on for it!

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Runner-up: Hubspot comes in second for brand name and reputation. More than 13 million small and medium-sized businesses using Hubspot does give the application a great deal of recognition!

Integrating Marketing and Sales

Winner: Hubspot
HubspotMarketing and sales, two different departments yet similar at the same time. It is important, in any business, for the sales and marketing teams to work as a single unit and share data, insights, and learnings with each other.

Many CRMs often attempt to create an integrated experience for the two departments or focus specifically on just one of them. However, why use two separate tools for, essentially, the same thing? It just does not make sense!

Of all the CRM options available, Hubspot has nailed the integration of sales and marketing. Although two separate tools, Hubspot Marketing and Hubspot Sales, they are accessible via a single dashboard and work seamlessly together while accomplishing two separate goals.

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Runner-up: Salesforce, Salesbox, and Base CRM. Each application allows you to pass information between departments, but none are integrated nearly as well as Hubspot, at least, not without the Maestrano platform.

Keeping Abreast

Winner: Base CRM
BaseCRMOne BaseCRM users has suggested that Base CRM’s easy to use interface, always accessible information, and excellent win/loss analysis has given him four to five hours back each week. The User Interface and User Experience designs on Base CRM are top-notch!

Base CRM comes with a mobile application, which means that your sales team, on location, can enter orders and have access to everything they would as if they were sitting at their desk.

It also allows you to have any information you need about your sales and clients in the palm of your hands. During a major lunch meeting with a potential client, your team could have access to any report produced, or any sales data needed to close the deal. No longer would your sales team have to answer ‘I don’t know’ to a sales problem!

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Runner-up: Salesbox. Salesbox also boasts a mobile app which helps your team stay informed, or update information, while out of the office.

Leading the Way

SalesBoxThe difference between most CRMs is very subtle; however, Salesbox has a different angle. Instead of recording what has been done with a client (for example, a particular client has gone through steps one and two of the pipeline, so next is step three), Salesbox guides the way. The Artificial Intelligence built into the software understands what the next step is and informs your sales team the optimum solution to solidify that sale.

Runner-up: Base CRM. With strong data-driven insights, Base CRM also guides your sales team in the right direction when it comes time to finalize a sale.

Although each of these CRMs may outperform the other options in a particular function or use case, they are all equally capable of taking place in your day-to-day business operations. It is now down to you to choose the right one for your business.


By day, Jye is the Marketing Manager of Maestrano; by night, he is an amateur photographer.

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