Integrate With Maestrano

Integration with Maestrano – Step 1: One Password to Rule them All!

In this series of articles, I will not only describe why an App should integrate to Maestrano but also clarify the three easy integration stages needed to be live on our platform. These three are SSO, Connec!™, and Single Billing.  Let’s start with SSO.

What does SSO mean?

SSO stands for Single Sign-On. This basically means that a user will log onto Maestrano using his email and password and won’t need anything else to connect to his apps. Just click and go. Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 16.10.37

No need to remember all those complicated passwords. Your maestrano credentials opens the doors to all the apps on the Maestrano dashboard. Not only is this extremely useful for users who finally get a great password manager but as an App, once fully integrated, you will be able to advertise that your application is seamlessly integrated to 50+ apps on our platform.

No need for technical setup for your users, our apps sync in the background once they are launched. This will help you generate more interest for your application without dedicating multiple engineering resources for weeks on end to integrate to one application at a time – which is the current standard. It is resource intensive and time-consuming.

With one integration to Maestrano you can finally keep yourself focused on improving your application instead of worrying about integrations – we do that for you! But now we’re delving in the magical realm our Connec!™ data-sharing engine, so let me rewind a little bit and get back to Single Sign On from a technical perspective! 

How does SSO work?

Here’s a fancy diagram to explain the authentication process: Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 16.34.22 Alice uses her email and password to log in Maestrano and lands on her dashboard. She clicks an app to open it. Maestrano will send a redirection request to her browser. It will then contact your app to request to login Alice in your system. If everything seems fine to you, you will allow Alice to use your app. She will then be logged in on your welcome page in only one click.

Will it be complicated to integrate in my app?

Nope. SSO may sound like a complicated task for developers but at Maestrano we developed categorised libraries to help developers integrate very easily their app. These libraries are available in 90% of the programming languages used today. Here are the most commonly requested ones on github:

Pick the library corresponding to your preferred language. Follow the documentation, implement and initialise a SSO subscribe page, add a hook in your authentication logic code to interpret the Maestrano user token and voilà!

What’s next?

Following the SSO integration, our App partners move onto the slightly more technical step. But this is where the real magic happens: Connec!™. Connec!™ is our patented technology that helps us push and pull data across all the apps integrated to our platform in real-time. Unlike other providers out there that claim to do data-sharing – what they forget to mention is that they don’t do it in real-time and two-ways. They either only automate workflows in a If Then Then That type format or if they do a two-way synchronisation they make the users pay for it as well as require implement a technical setup.

Stay tuned.

Alexandre Barret