Create Your Next Event With Eventbrite

Save Time and Create the Best Event with Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an online event registration management system. It is easy to use, attractive and convenient with great add-ons including social media integration and mobile apps.

Main features include:

– Post an event in minutes
– Customize your event page
– Let attendees pay online
– Real time progress tracking
– Social promotion and tools

As far as how your registration form looks, you have a fair amount of freedom to customize the colours, logos and graphics. Alternatively, you can embed your form in your own website or blog by grabbing the HTML code. Eventbrite is the perfect application for organizing events with a fairly simple registration process. The system has nailed it in terms of being modern, simple and functional. It is highly recommended for any type of one-day event (e.g. a gala dinner, one-day workshop, concert or fundraiser).


It’s free for free event!

It is absolutely free to create and promote your free events using Eventbrite’s best-in-class features as long as your are not charging for tickets. There are no monthly charges, enrollment costs, or setup fees – and Eventbrite gives you access to powerful promotional tools, reporting, mobile sales, box office features, and 24/7 customer support. Simply connect your social media accounts on Eventbrite to invite people, or reach a new, bigger audience with the promotional tools.


If you are charging for ticket sales on Eventbrite, you will be charged a fee per ticket, plus a 2% payment processing fee in AUD. If you sell tickets on-site with Neon or At The Door mobile apps, only the payment processing fee applies.


Eventbrite on Maestrano

Being in the cloud, there is nothing to download or install. You can access the system at anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connected device.

When you use Eventbrite on Maestrano, it is automatically integrated with other Connec! ready applications. It allows you to seamlessly connect with your other applications such as Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks Online. Your data is automatically sychronized in real time, which means you only have to upload your data once and they will appear in all your applications. For example, when your attendees pay their tickets on Eventbrite, the payment will be shown on your accounting applications instantly, so you don’t have to enter the data again.

With Connec!, you can better manage your event revenue and accounts in a more efficient and organized way. It saves your valuable time and resources from managing attendees, and now you have more time to focus on the quality of your events.

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Alexandre Barret