Identifying A Superior Inventory Management App – Like Megaventory In Maestrano

If you search for inventory and ordering management software for your company, you will probably be able to shortlist many solutions to choose from. However, you will soon realize that most of them are very basic in features and out of those who are not most have a very complicated user interface. There are actually only a few which combine both a rich and solid feature set along with an easy to use interface.


The Clipboard in Megaventory is an example of an innovative feature which boosts usability in more ways than its name would suggest. It allows you to copy Products and Quantities from one place in the app and paste them to another one. This can save you a lot of time across your day, speed up your processes when using the app and allow you to complete common tasks with a few clicks while also avoiding data entry mistakes.

For example, you can combine the Clipboard with the On-Hand Inventory to restock fast and accurately. When looking at the On-Hand Inventory, choose to see the products from a supplier that are low on stock, copy them to your clipboard and paste them to a Purchase Order towards this supplier. The quantities which need to be ordered are calculated automatically!


Apps should be constantly integrating with innovative and useful third party apps in an effort to keep providing value to their end users. Megaventory’s integration with SalesCast by Lokad, an inventory optimization service adds a very useful demand forecasting functionality to Megaventory – with a click of a button. SalesCast analyzes the sales history of your products and suggests the quantities that need to be ordered and at what stock levels. This will allow you have just the right quantities in stock for every product both preventing the locking of too much capital in your inventory and also avoiding understocking and turning customers away due to unstocked products.

Megaventory also integrates with more popular products such as the Magento ecommerce software (using this extension). This integration allows you to automatically sync all your data between your eshop and Megaventory and take advantage of ordering, reporting and inventory optimization capabilities across multiple inventory locations. As is common practice – and actually the trend in the industry – more integrations are continuously going live and expanding what you can do with the app.


Easy Data Entry

Although that may seem like a no-brainer it’s often the case that the initial importing process from your existing system is not seamless with serious workarounds and troubleshooting becoming necessary. Megaventory can make the transition from your current solution smooth and easy. You can take advantage of its hassle-free data import feature and simply fill in the pre-formatted spreadsheets. It’s easy to try it and convince yourself of the ease of using this feature – just in the trial account. And it’s important to mention that the same ease applies for the process of bulk data entry which is used on a regular basis.

Superior Design and Speed

Megaventory boasts one of the easiest to learn and useful to handle user interfaces in the market. It has been designed so that every action can be completed with as few mouse clicks or finger taps as possible. Its clean design makes every feature easily accessible and reduces the time you need to train your team to use it. Also, Megaventory has been optimized to load all your data next-to instantly.

When choosing ERP software you will probably not be explicitly looking for the individual features mentioned above. However, they are important additions which make the software easier to use, faster and more informative. This will increase productivity and business insight, which is the reason you are looking for an ERP solution in the first place.


Alexandre Barret