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Getting Ready For Next Week

April 1st is internationally known as April Fools’ day. There is not a clear history on the origin of this tradition, and it is very popular in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia.


In one famous prank from 1957, the BBC broadcast a film in their Panorama current affairs series purporting to show Swiss farmers picking freshly-grown spaghetti, in what they called the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest.

How can you business benefit from April fools?

You’ll need to think quick because you don’t have much time left! But it’s not too late. Here is a list of 10 DOs and DONTs for your next prank to your customers.


  1. Leverage your social media to reach a maximum number of persons, incentivise your customers and colleagues to share your content
  2. Plan how you will benefit from the buzz. If you communication get some traction from customers and leads, then so what? You get some attention, do something with it.
  3. Be creative: “If you wait October for your April fools, you catch more people” Jean Claude Van Damme
  4. Think how this communication will help you build your brand for your customer and how it will affect it. You may choose to share it with some customers only to see how they react and get it bigger next year.
  5. Think about your customers: you want them to have positive feelings toward your brand when they will realise they got pranked, keep this in mind, and deliver, in the end, a good surprise.


  1. Scare your customers or go into a direction that could harm your brand. No matter if it’s a prank or “regular” communication, always remember you are building your brand with everything you say!
  2. Think only big brands with huge budget can afford to engage in this type of operation: you may not get featured on first page of NYT, but if you manage to engage discussion with some customers, this will positively affect your brand.
  3. Create expectations that would deceive your customers in a near future. If you present new realistic features for your products and get your customers really excited about them, you may create deception when you will say they are not coming for real… except if they do!
  4. Copy something that has already been done and proven to work. If you have seen a good idea a few years ago, you would do no good to your brand to copy what has been done. Be creative, your brand can only benefit from it.
  5. Expect your idea to get 20 million hit on youtube. There is no magic recipe or template for buzz, otherwise advertising agencies would be reselling it for a lot of money. Set the expectations properly, learn and improve for next year.

Looking for some great stories? Business Spectator is providing a list of some good pranks.

For Maestrano, next week may be a bit more serious but at least as interesting! We have some applications that are finalising their integrations and will join our family. We have also some very exciting news coming soon, so keep an eye on us!

Alexandre Barret