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For Small Business, It’s The Law Of The Jungle

It’s been a big couple of weeks here at Maestrano HQ. We’ve been busy assembling desks for our ever-expanding team, and then figuring out where to put them. Our team has grown so fast we have outpaced the drinking water delivery guy, so we’ve had our very own office drought for a few days.

Drought is not a new thing here on our little island, but the big news from our world of nature at the moment is not drought, but animals. Big scary ones, with all the brutality of the law of the jungle. Although this time with a twist.

croc hand

If you think you know who’s king amongst different animals, and who the apex predators are, then this little battle between crocodile and snake might surprise you.

(Before you panic, Maestrano HQ is quite safe – that snake is up the other end of our island.)

We try hard not to have the law of the jungle in our office. I guess that’s called being civilized. Hopefully your work environment is equally civilized. However, once you look outside the door, where the competition lurks, things can be much less friendly.


Who eats whom in the business world is often depressingly easy to predict. The big guys, with more resources, more knowledge and more reach, grab market share and flex their economies of scale, while the little guys struggle along, ducking and weaving for the scraps that are left behind.

But then occasionally, just occasionally, the normal order gets turned on its head. The prey becomes predator, the little defeats the big, perhaps by being faster, or smarter, or leaner, or just plain better.

Here at Maestrano, we see this sort of thing all the time. Little companies, who figure out how to be smarter and leaner than the big guys. By using open source business software in the cloud. By not overpaying for commercial business bloatware. By thinking differently.

Who is your business in this parable? A snake or a crocodile?

Alexandre Barret