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Enterprise Integration On An SME Budget

“Good work, Johnson. It’s been two long years and just shy of three million dollars, but our system is up and running and seamlessly integrated together. The amount of time we will save with this new system is going to be well worth the wait! You and your team have done a great job.” Anyone who has worked in a large corporate at one stage of their life has heard this style of accomplishment speech. Not only is it showing how magnificent an idea the integration was thanks to the boss (who else would have thought of that, right?), but how easily it was done. What most of us don’t hear is the constant yelling, missed deadlines and budget cuts that almost derailed the entire project.

So why is integrating your companies applications so hard and expensive?

  • You have to allot time and resources (a whole lot of them)
  • You need to build your system from scratch
  • Figuring out what needs to talk and how to make that happen
  • Working with the applications you are already stuck with


This style of integration has historically been for enterprise clients with enterprise budgets… but why does it need to be the case? Well, as per usual in these articles, the big surprise is it doesn’t have to be!  There is now a way that you can integrate over 50 applications, all of which have been hand selected to help run your SME, in one click. Oh, and did I mention that this integration is already set up and its FREE? Yep, the geniuses at Maestrano have designed a platform for non-technical small to medium business owners that will automatically and in real-time (that means instantly for my fellow non-technical friends) connect all your data.

The good old days of paying your IT guy tens of thousands of dollars to make your system talk is long gone. SMEs now have the power to work as efficient as our enterprise counterparts but at a fraction of the cost. That sounds like music to my ears! So, to end on a musical note (see what I did there?) – In the words of an immortal Bob Dylan “The times they are a-changing….. for SMEs”.


Alexandre Barret