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Business is no longer 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Today the modern consumer is digitally savvy and socially connected. They want to be able to shop, book and browse at any time day or night. Luckily there are a variety of digital solutions that can make this a reality. Maestrano is proud to present Appointedd, the world’s most flexible booking software that makes it easy for your customers to book at any time. Appointedd makes it easy to manage bookings, streamline admin, market to your customers and grow your business.

Main features of Appointedd:

–        Real Time Booking: With Appointedd’s real time online booking from any website, your availability is always accurate and your diary manages itself. That saves you from fielding time-consuming availability inquiries.

–        Multi-Time Zone Booking: No more timezone math. Easily schedule appointments and meetings across timezones. The way we do business has changed. So why hasn’t the way we schedule meetings across timezones? Doing business across timezones can be tricky, and constant timezone math can lead to mistakes, frustration and missed meetings. Now you can take control of scheduling meetings and be bookable across timezones with Appointedd.

–        External Calendar Synchronization: Never be double-booked because any appointments made through Appointedd will automatically appear in your external calendar and vice versa, including Google, iCloud, and Office 365

–        Online Payment & Bookkeeping: Get your revenue flowing with online payments and deposits and automatic invoices. Thanks to Appointedd’s integrations with FreeAgent, Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB, and more, you can access full payment history and keep your accounts up to date.

–        Generating New Business: Converting contacts into customers is effortless with our complete business management and CRM tools, and it’s a breeze to generate new business when you can take bookings online any time, even when you’re busy.

–        Classes: Appointedd provides the functionality to create classes at set times during the week, or one-off classes, that customers can book into online Participants can also book multiple spaces at the same time.

–        Automated Admin: Automatic text and email booking confirmations reminders are a fast way to improve client experience and you can cut right down on no-show candidates without lifting a finger.


Why should I use Appointedd on Maestrano?
Simply because when you use Appointedd on Maestrano, it is automatically integrated with all Connec!™ ready applications, which includes CRM, ERP, CMS, and accounting systems. With Connec!™, Maestrano’s unique patented technology, your data are auto-magically synchronized instantly. Editing of data is bidirectional: what you edit in Appointedd will be edited in your other applications, and vice versa.

Maestrano Impac! allows you to connect the tools you use, on one intuitive dashboard giving you real time data reporting.


How does it work? Let’s take a real life example: if a customer booked an appointment on Appointedd, it is instantly updated in other apps of your dashboard, and you can use apps like MYOB to create invoices.

You don’t need to connect, download codes, create trigger or any kind of IT setup. Our patented technology has been specifically designed to make it as user friendly as possible for anybody.


Start managing bookings with efficiency now! Get to know more about Appointedd and sign up for a FREE trial now.

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