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Conferences, Conferences, Conferences!

It’s been an extremely busy week here at Maestrano. We’ve had investors visit, new features released, and PLENTY of organising for upcoming conferences!

Gary Jackson, former CEO of Microsoft Asia Pacific and CISCO Asia Pacific, our largest investor, came by the office on Monday. It was amazing to hear his insight into the reasons why he decided to invest in the first place, and definitely reassuring to hear that Maestrano is heading in the right direction. I can tell you now, if a year ago someone told me I would be in the same room as a former CEO of Microsoft I’d tell them they must dreaming. That’s the great thing about working at startup, the level of exposure is second to none, on a daily basis I get to meet people who running their own small business, to a big executive of a multi-national corporation.


We’ve been hard at work, focused on the upcoming conferences, SydStart and CeBIT. We’ve been brainstorming on how to best capture the interest and ultimately action from people visiting Cebit. We’re only a month away, so we still have some time, but not long left! We’d love to hear any cool ideas you might have or would like to see, just post in the comments below or email/tweet me. And of course, come by and say hi! The entire Maestrano team will be there and we’d love to meet you all!

This week saw the release of our partner page which you see here. We’ve already had a great response so far. On the page you can get an overview of how Maestrano will help your clients, but also help you as a business owner to complete your offering. If you’ve ever thought that Maestrano could be useful for your clients, then please check out our partner page and fill in the form at the bottom.


That’s all from us this week, but make sure to follow us on facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to hear all the latest news! And between you and me, next week we’ll have some very exciting news! 🙂


Alexandre Barret