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Agency? Contractor? Professional Services Organisation? AllocPSA Is Already The Best Tool For You!

You may already know that PSA stands for Professional Services Automation. And believe it or not, but the application delivers when it comes to putting some order into your business. allocPSA has been designed for services-based organisations and enables to achieve better profitability by improving staff efficiency through increased utilisation of productive time, better planning and integrated knowledge management.

The overall interface is very intuitive with clear menus and commands. You can manage multiple users and create as many projects as you need. Reminders and tasks are then clearly allocated to your users, saving you time on following up. You will not be able to customize its layout to your company colors but the application have a professional and neutral design.

AllocPSA dashboard

Its embedded Project Management tools are very good with great charting and visual reporting. It acts like an ERP type system where inputs in one part of the system connect to effects elsewhere. Which implies a good, well-normalised database structure. From the calendar on the dashboard, you can directly create a task, reminder or an absence.

AllocPSA’s financial tools offering is very good too. Project tasks are easily converted into billing records, and the use of tagged funds allow for easy financial management of project funding and payment of contractors. The module even includes management of different currencies!

Many modules are available and cover all business requirements: from product sales, resource planning, issue tracking, to staff management.

This application has been on for many years and is a stable product that you will enjoy using. It is used by more than 25,000 businesses around the world. No need of training, very clear command… and in case you do need, we have developed tutorials in our knowledge center.

Alexandre Barret