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A Week Of Shows

This week has been very exciting at Maestrano: a new app has joined our family, Signmee, and we’ve been present at 3 different shows on 2 continents.

Signmee, a form and contract management application is now available on Maestrano. With Signmee, no need to print your documents anymore to approve them! Directly approve online and save a lot of time! You can build forms directly inside the app, send them to your customers or contacts and track answers.


As Signmee is Connec!™ ready, your contacts are automatically shared from your other systems! Find out more about Signmee.

Other very exciting news, we have been present at 3 trade shows!

From Raleigh, North Carolina where we met Franchise partners…IMG_20150502_122237 (1)

… to New York City, for Tech Crunch Disrupt 2015…

maestrano at tech crunch… and Sydney for CeBIT 2015…

cEBIT 2015 Australia MaestranoWhat an exciting week! And we are not over as we will be present for more shows in the US! Come and visit us at the small business expo in Dallas on May 14th,  to the Franchise and business opportunities in Dallas on May 16th and 17th and if you are closer to Dubai, you ll have a chance to meet us at the International Business Excellence Award ceremony on May 21st, where we are finalist!

Come to meet us in one of those locations and you’ll get one of our (awesome) cables that allows you to charge your phone!




Alexandre Barret