Happy Customers

5 Ways To Make Your Customers Happy

1. Mention their name when you speak to them


No one wants to be just another number or customer. They want to know you really care. This is a simple way to let them know, you know who are they, and do care.


2. Remember their birthday, anniversary and other special days like when they started their business or work anniversary


It shows them you care, you’re not just after their money and can celebrate their times of joy. Business is business, but it does involve people, and people have feelings.


3. Keep an eye out for them


Show them you really care by understanding your client, and seeing when there is an opportunity for them. You’re not going to get paid for this, but it will bring goodwill, and great word of mouth.

4. Do nice things for no reason


You don’t need to wait for an anniversary to send them a card or gift to let them know how awesome they are.


5. Be genuine


Don’t try too hard, don’t be that guy. Just be yourself, it will give your business a personality which will draw clients who like your business model. And it’ll also mean you’ll attract clients you’ll love working with.

Alexandre Barret